4 Essential Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

Published on: August 24, 2019 ,

4 spring wedding ideas

Spring is a refreshing wind which washes away the cold, pale winter. Flowers begin to bloom and sunsets begin to burn brighter.

A spring wedding is a great way to celebrate a chapter of new beginnings and your flourishing love.

Here are a few outstanding ideas to make your spring wedding more magical!

Go Over the Top with Floral Accents

floral cake decorationSpring is the season of new growth and the return of dreamy landscapes.

What better way to highlight the bloom of a new chapter than with fresh flowers? Flowers may be commonplace in weddings, but spring is the season to go above and beyond with our floral friends.

Floral accents are ideal to use as decorations and to highlight specific areas. These could be in centerpieces, as a floral archway to frame you and your partner during the ceremony, laid along the aisle, and so many other ways!

Flowers often have symbolical meaning or are reminiscent of significant memories in your relationship. Use the same type of flowers from the first date laid along the aisle. Sprinkle the same flowers from the proposal onto the dance floor. The use of these significant flowers can make the wedding more beautiful as well as give elegant decorations more meaning.

Flowers don’t just make beautiful and delicate decorations, they can be delicious, too! A flower-frosted cake complements the spring season beautifully. This is also an inexpensive way of incorporating more of the season into your wedding.

Give the Gift of Spring

Make your wedding truly memorable by giving the gift of spring.

Instead of having birdseed thrown (which can become stuck on dresses and in hair) create flower confetti to rain down. Image colorful flowers floating down as you step into your new life together with friends and family by your side.

Send your nearest and dearest well-wishers off with mini garden kits as a keepsake for the event to remember the day. This will also show how your love continues to grow long after the wedding celebration ends.

Fairy Flower Girls

Excellence is often highlighted with simplicity, and weddings are no different.

Dress your flower girls in vintage lace dresses and flower crowns. Have their dresses be floral inspired and as they walk down the aisle, they can carry lanterns which will light up your ceremony magically.

The highlighted flowers on their dresses with mesh wonderfully with the matching bouquet and floral decoration set.

Spice up the Groomswear

groomsmen floral wearA standard tuxedo is sharp, but spring is the season of new life and the perfect time to change things up!

Adding flowers to the groom’s outfit, such as a unique boutonniere, can liven up what is traditionally a dark outfit. Bright colors are definitely a good choice for a spring groom and they complement blue suits perfectly. Tweed and check also make a comeback each spring as groom’s accents.

Have a Historic Wedding

The Historic Post Office is a graceful venue for your spring wedding. Their preferred vendors can match any style for your big day whether overflowing with flowers, or outdoors rustic.

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