5 Must Haves for Getting Ready with Your Bridesmaids

Published on: August 21, 2019 ,

The wedding bells are ringing, the champagne has popped, and you’re about to slip on your dress for the most memorable day of your life. Yet, this day wouldn’t be the same without some of the most important people in your life — your girls.

Your bridesmaids are there not only to celebrate this monumental milestone, but to support you, and bring the fun…as they always have.

Make sure to celebrate your wedding in the most historic way with our list of the top must haves for getting ready with your bridesmaids!

Tip #1: Pamper Your Bridal Party

pamper your bridal party

With the wedding day finally here, and the overwhelming amount of stress, all you need is a minute to pamper yourself with your girls. Take a minute to sit down, unwind, and exfoliate.

Treat your bridal party to spa day for the perfect wedding day glow. Whether you’re making homemade face masks or having a day at the salon, enjoy this time together and take the moment to calm down surrounded by those you love most.

Tip #2: Wear Matching Bridal Robes

matching bridal robes

Speaking of pampering, nothing is cooler than a bride and her bridesmaids in matching robes. What’s better than feeling luxurious while getting ready for the day? Surprise them the morning of with their very own matching gift. Bonus points if they’re embroidered!

Also, let’s not forget about all the gorgeous photo opportunities.

Tip #3: Say Cheers with a Morning Mimosa Bar

morning mimosa bar

It’s your wedding day; let the mimosas flow!

Get some champagne, juice, and a variety of fruits like strawberries and blueberries. Our Bridal Suite provides the perfect spot to accommodate your mimosa bar and the fixings!

Toasting with your ladies to your happily ever after is a wonderful way to start off the day.

Tip #4: Relax, Don’t Rush

relax don't rush

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be rushed. Especially when it comes to getting ready. There’s make-up to be done, hair to style, and dresses to steam.

Make sure to have plenty of time planned for not only you, but also your girls to enjoy every moment. Get breakfast at a local café. Play some of your favorite music to sing along to when you’re getting ready. Pose for lots of funny pictures and avoid rushing through the day.

Everyone has the friend who takes far longer than others to get ready for events, so make sure everyone is accounted for.

Tip #5: Make It an Historic Celebration

bridal suite

Before the ceremony begins, the cake is cut, and the night dances itself away, take a moment with just the girls to celebrate them. Acknowledge the love and support these ladies have given you over the years; the fun you have had, and the memories that are to come.

Getting ready with your girls will be something you never forget, whether there are matching robes and mimosas or just quality time together. Regardless, you and your girls should feel pampered and special.

Make these memories the best by beginning your day in The Historic Post Office’s Bridal Suite. This chic room features everything you need to relax and get ready for the celebration. Schedule a tour and fall in love with your perfect venue.

To discuss more details on how we can help make it a memorable celebration. Call 913.305.7172 or email info@historicpostoffice.com for more details.