Celebrate in Style with The Historic Post Office

Published on: October 03, 2019 ,

celebrate in style

Looking for something different for your upcoming wedding or event? Let The Historic Post Office welcome you and your guests!

Our venue combines the best of modern and historical themes, rich with ornate character and one-of-a-kind features.

While you’re early in your wedding or event planning process, here are a few ways you can utilize our venue to spark your imagination.

Weddings in the Ballroom

weddings in the ballroom
Photography by Blue River Photography

For a modern, classic wedding, our Ballroom offers much for the imagination. With its warm hardwood floors and high ceilings, this space makes styling any wedding reception easy!

Couples from Kansas City and beyond have utilized our Ballroom space to bring their fairytale-like love story to life.

From a romantic blush and gold to a garden theme and more, this space has come alive in so many ways.

Whether you’re seeing an elegant, modern vibe or a more casual, classic feel, our dedicated team is here to help make your dreams come true.

Events in The Ballroom

events in ballroom

For those who are looking to create more of a social soiree, The Ballroom offers amazing opportunities.

The best part about reserving The Ballroom venue for your upcoming event is the amount of space to work with. 

You can set tables around the perimeter and place a dance floor in the middle or create a warm and welcoming feeling by dividing up the room into smaller intimate spaces. 

Lounge areas, photo booths, dining areas – with smaller vignettes, you can add visual interest to the entire room and encourage guests to enjoy themselves, too!

Weddings in The Ceremony Space

weddings in ceremony space

Nothing’s better than an inviting atmosphere surrounded by your close family and friends.

If you’re looking for an intimate, indoor ceremony space, then you’ll surely fall in love with The Historic Post Office’s Ceremony space.

Our picturesque Ceremony space captures your happily ever after in ways you’ll cherish forever. Set the mood with candles, lace, floral accents, bubbles, and more to add to the romantic ambiance.

Events in the Ceremony Space

events in ceremony space

For events, our Ceremony space reflects refinement with warm hospitality and extraordinary first-class services. The space accommodates a variety of social celebrations, big and small.

From seminars and forums to corporate social events, dinners, award ceremonies, galas, fundraising, breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, and cocktail receptions – anything is possible in this diverse setting.

Weddings in The Speakeasy Lounge

weddings in speakeasy lounge

Let the after-party celebration begin in style at The Speakeasy Lounge. What’s better than an evening of your loved ones gathered in an atmosphere that calls upon the historic past of the prohibition era complete with cocktails, music, and lots of laughs.

Consider the ways you can theme the night with little extras like monogrammed napkins or barware. Or anything that makes it feel totally personalized for your guests’ keepsake.

The Speakeasy Lounge for Events

events in speakeasy lounge
Photography by: Grace Chappel

Forget chatting around the water cooler at work, host a cocktail party for your next event.  A true VIP experience, this space provides plenty of room and seating areas. Guests will thoroughly enjoy being taken back in time, all while enjoying a Manhattan, or two.

The space is not just reserved for cocktail hour, you can use The Speakeasy Lounge for sports events, reunions, and more!

Your Historic Adventure Awaits

Reserve The Historic Post Office for your next historic adventure. Whether you’re looking for an elegant Ballroom, intimate Ceremony space, or a remarkable cocktail hour, our staff is thrilled to host you!

Schedule a tour today by calling 913.305.7172 or email info@historicpostoffice.com See the latest happenings of The Historic Post Office – follow us on Instagram.