Should You Have an Engagement Party?

Published on: November 19, 2019 ,

You’re engaged!

Someone asked the big question and now you and your fiancé have started the path toward marriage.

The question of an engagement party can be a tough one to answer amidst sharing the news with friends/family, receiving their congratulations, and planning, budgeting, and preparing for married life.

The first step to decide if an engagement party is a good move is to know what it is and why you might want one.

What is an Engagement Party?

what is an engagement party

An engagement party is as simple as it sounds, you and your significant other throw a party to celebrate your commitment to each other.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents will host the party with organizational help from the groom and his family, much like the wedding itself. Some couples choose to have multiple parties to celebrate with different groups of family and friends, or because their loved ones are spread out geographically.

Engagement parties are usually held a few months after the proposal to allow the couple time to enjoy their pre-married life before the true work of planning wedding events begins.

This party can be the size of your wedding, or a small event for family and close friends. It’s entirely up to you how formal the party is, where it’s at, what you do, and whether you even have one!

Ultimately, everything is up to the couple!

So Why Should I Have One?

why have an engagement party

The reason to have an engagement party is because you want to have one!

Engagement parties are a great fit for couples who plan to have a destination wedding. This creates an opportunity for families and friends to celebrate the upcoming union if they will be unable to attend the main event. In addition, an engagement party is a good for those who intend to wait several years before their wedding, as it helps to connect the proposal and the distant wedding in the mind of the couple.

The most important factor in deciding on whether to have an engagement party or not, is your budget.

An engagement party can be fun for you, your friends, and your family. If you decide you want an engagement party, a strategy many couples find helpful is to create a budget and plan for the wedding from proposal to the big day. You will want to include the cost of the engagement party in this budget.

But it’s best to skip over if hosting such a party will affect your wedding itself.

Plan Your Engagement Party at The Historic Post Office

engagement party planning

An engagement party is all about the couple. Everything from venue to food, attendees to activities, are all left up to the happy pair. If you’re looking for a great place to host your engagement party or wedding, The Historic Post Office is a fantastic venue for all your events!

Our event experts are available to customize a couple’s needs and help with planning any, or all, of your events! Contact us to get started today.