How to Host an Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

Published on: January 08, 2020

You’ve spent months planning and now the moment is almost here: time to get married! But first you’ll need to plan the rehearsal dinner.  

It’s the perfect time to kick off the festivities and celebrate your love, friends, and family in style. 

Our wedding experts at The Historical Post Office have the answers to all your wedding rehearsal dinner questions. Here’s how you can make sure your rehearsal dinner is truly unforgettable.

What Exactly is a Rehearsal Dinner? 

While you and your partner have already scoped out the venue, decided how you want processions to go, and how the event should look, you’ll need to make sure everyone in the wedding party is on the same page. So, by combing rehearsal of the ceremony with a dinner, it’s a great way to practice, connect, and set expectations before the celebration.  

Where Do I Hold My Rehearsal Dinner? 

Wherever you book, keep the environment casual and relaxing. Rehearsal dinners offer the perfect opportunity for both family and friends to come together and celebrate your love.  

If possible, the most optimal place for the rehearsal dinner is at the wedding venue. This will give you and your wedding party an idea of what to expect.  

Some venues may allow you to bring in catering and reserve the place for the entire night. Other times, you may only be allotted a small window of time for the rehearsal. If that’s the case, choose a nearby dinner spot that is special to you or your partner, a local favorite to wow your out-of-town guests, or host a backyard cookout.  

Who Should I Invite? 

At the minimum, invite the entirety of your wedding party, including your immediate family, wedding planner or coordinator, and your officiant (if available).  

Make it a party and consider inviting any out-of-town guests who traveled to be there for your wedding. Extending an invite to them is way to thank them for their extra effort in coming and save them from extra time at a hotel! 

How Should I Invite MGuests? 

You can spread the word of your rehearsal dinner with formal invitations, an evite, or event invitation via your wedding website. 

Evites are especially handy because they can keep a real time RSVP count, be cost efficient, and designed to match your wedding theme. I 

If you plan to invite people from out of town, this also is a convenient way to communicate when last minute cancellations or delays arise and to make announcements to your attendees as a group if things change.  

What Do We Do at a Rehearsal Dinner? 

The rehearsal dinner is a perfect opportunity to say thank you. Consider giving your party a gift to show your appreciation. Since the rehearsal dinner is typically held the night prior to the wedding, you may have jewelry, ties, or cute accessories that would be easier for them to have before getting ready.  

This moment of gratitude can sometimes get lost in the hustle of getting ready the morning of your wedding and the rehearsal dinner can be a great opportunity to share this moment with your wedding party and thank them for their involvement.  

The most important thing to remember when planning your rehearsal is to do what is within your means. Meaning, remember your wedding day is the main event, the rehearsal is just that: practice.  

Don’t feel obligated to host a grand affair, stay within your budget, take the opportunity to thank your party and immediate family, and enjoy this moment before your big day!  

Looking for a Rehearsal Dinner Venue? 

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