Why You Should Attend a Kansas City Bridal Show

Published on: November 07, 2019 ,

Kansas City Bridal Show 2020

When it comes to planning your ideal wedding, it can feel overwhelmingly endless. Finding flowers, caterers, and a wedding venue are just a few of the top priorities on a long list of to dos.

But the good news is – you don’t have to do it alone! Resources like bridal shows offer a fun, stress-free way for bridal parties to research and meet local vendors face to face.

While you’re planning your dream wedding, consider attending the upcoming Kansas City bridal show at the one-of-a-kind venue, The Historic Post Office.

What is a Bridal Show?

A bridal show is a convention-type event typically held for brides-to-be to discover wedding vendors in their area.

It’s a great opportunity to keep up to date with evolving wedding trends and get inspiration for your own celebration.

What Can You Expect When Attending a Bridal Show?

A bridal show can be a sensory overload, in a good way! There are lots of catering samples to try, music snippets to listen to, and so much more.

And it offers the perfect opportunity to gather your best friends and family to join in on the planning process. You can bounce ideas off them and talk through options to keep you on the right decision-making track.

Expect lots of talking and meeting a variety of vendors. It’s super helpful to bring a notebook so you can take notes or jot down any important information you learn.

One of the greatest benefits of attending a bridal show in the Kansas City metro is that discounts are everywhere, even for just showing up. So be on the lookout for great deals that can help you save a penny or two.

What Questions Should You Ask at a Bridal Show?

Another benefit to attending a Kansas City bridal show is getting advice directly from wedding professionals.

While you’re meeting a variety of vendors, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions:

  • What are the names of the last couple you worked with, and what was their wedding like?
  • Can you provide me with ballpark pricing for my wedding?
  • Am I able to customize my package if needed?
  • What does the process leading up to my wedding day look like?

Attend The Historic Post Office Exclusive Bridal Show

You’re invited to attend The Historic Post Office’s Bridal Exclusive Show Saturday, January 11th 2020 from 11AM-2PM. Admittance is free!

Meet the best wedding vendors in Kansas City and explore the beauty of our venue! PLUS: register for over $2,000 in giveaway prizes!

For more information and to RSVP, see our Facebook event!

We look forward to seeing you there!