6 Incredible Wedding Tips from The Bride

Published on: September 24, 2019 ,

Tips from Bride

Congratulations on your engagement! Your wedding is going to be here before you know it, and it’s going to be great!

Advice from those who’ve been married before can be a huge help to prep and make sure the day goes smoothly. Who better for a bride to get advice from than another bride?

Here are some tips from previous brides to help make your wedding everything you ever dreamed it to be – and more!

Plan, Plan, Plan!

wedding planning
The number one tip is to plan everything. It might get annoying to hear so many times, but it’s the most important.

Create solid plans for the day to ensure everything goes how you envisioned it. Like a play, everyone in a wedding needs to know their part and settings must be made ahead of time.

Careful planning is key to a great day!

Make the Morning-Of Relaxing

relaxing morning
The morning of your wedding starts the night before. Get to bed early to help calm nerves and to have a boost in energy when you wake up well rested in the morning. No one wants to be yawning halfway through their wedding!

Breakfast the day of is important too. Most brides and grooms wait long periods without food throughout the day. A breakfast high in protein with complex carbs will fill you up early on and keep you going throughout the day.

Brides like to be comfortable while having their makeup applied and hair done. So, they often choose a t-shirt to lounge in while being pampered. A better option is a button-down shirt because it can be easily removed without damage to your hair or makeup.

Expect the Unexpected

expect the unexpected
Have your maid of honor or one of your bridesmaids carry an emergency supply kit. “Common” necessities on hand really help in a pinch.

Common items include, but aren’t limited to, Kleenex, Tide-to-Go stain remover, tampons, and/or emergency medications you might need.

Break Your Shoes In

break in wedding shoes
If you’ve bought shoes specifically for the wedding, be sure to break them in before the big day. Blisters or cuts will make it hard to walk and can stain garments that rub up against them.

Another great idea is to bring flats to the reception. These shoes are much easier to dance to and will save your fancier pair of shoes from extra wear.

Before your trip down the walk down the aisle, do some light stretching. This helps to calm and loosen you up, but also to prevent you from passing out on the walk down. A detour to the emergency room will put a pretty big damper on your big day.

Capture the Moment

capture the moment
Immortalizing your wedding in film will keep your happy memories close at hand through the years.

Photos by amateurs, or low-quality, photographers may turn out okay, but do you want to risk losing pictures of your wedding? If not, a quality photography vendor should be high on your list.

Additionally, a photographer and a videographer from the same company can make the memories last even longer. They will be able to collaborate on the designs and edits, plus communication will be easier than working with two places.

Finally, minimizing the number locations you take pictures at will maximize time and flexibility in the area. Quality is often better than quantity.

Relish The Celebration!

The best tip for any bride is to relax. Take a deep breath and enjoy the day!

No wedding is perfect, but your wedding will be great. A little grace and a lot of love will help things move smoothly and happily along, just like life after the wedding.

Ready to Head Down The Aisle?

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